Creative Specialists


Re Lim
Producer, Director, Editor

I am the founder of Culture Unboxed.

With over a decade of producing experience under my belt, I continue to see myself as a student of life.

A creative project is often a vulnerable space with heightened emotional energies, so being a good producer is not just cracking numbers, being on time and delivering to a scope. It takes someone with wisdom and kindness to hold a creative space with integrity, and empower the team to fulfil its highest potential.

The true, deep work in the art of producing is practicing how to be inclusive, respectful and empowering, whilst collaborating with people from all walks of lives.

I have a unique blend of knowledge in both advertising agency and production company environments. I am creative and hands-on, I could shoot and edit, and I often find myself writing the treatment proposal, revising and brainstorming scripts with the creatives, production managing and creative supervising the post-production. 



William Solis

I specialise in capturing the essence of people, whether it's in the moment of a live event or quietly in a deep meditation. I operate from a heart-felt space and I am endlessly curious about the individuality of people.

I've been photographing overall for 17 years and have been working professionally for 5 years. I predominantly capture events, expeditions, performances and festivals whether photographs or videos. I've worked in harsh weather conditions, multi-day trips, corporate spaces, portrait shoots, still life and weddings.


Ryan Jasper
Documentary Director, Cinematographer, Editor

I am an independent documentary director and filmmaker with over 20 years experience working internationally across cinema, television and online media productions. This experience combined with my passion for social, cultural and environmental development has inspired me to focus on telling stories of human spirit, transformation and change. My films have won awards and been supported by Screen Australia, Create NSW, SBS, ABC and more.

My new media initiative ÆON VISION aspires to create world-changing documentaries and support an independent media revolution of deeply constructive, nuanced and empowering journalism.

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Ryan Andrew Lee
Cinematographer, New Media Artist

I am a cinematographer and conceptual new media artist exploring alternative ontologies and epistemologies strongly informed by First Nations people and community. My work employs experimental film-making processes including cinema vérité and slow cinema to present contemplative observations on contemporary environmental and socio-political issues. My work explores interdisciplinary thematics of psychogeography, deep topography and landscapism to suggest deeper sense and perception of place in order to restore and preserve ecological, historical and cultural knowledge and values. Across my practice, I strive to create works that resonate a deeper level of consciousness with the intent to unify all things. I hold a BMA (Digital Media) from the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts and have exhibited works at numerous galleries and film festivals across Australia and the world.

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