The Heart's Message

Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor: Re Lim



Spoken and illustration by Casey Brown

Casey has been intentionally taking the ‘journey of the heart’ for many years. This path has led her to discover the many mental, emotional and physical impacts of ‘survivorship’, after moving through childhood Leukemia.

She discovered the healing power of Nature, Movement, Art, Communication, Music, Mindfulness and Play. She quests to learn new thing, some examples thus far include: public speaking courses, reiki, mindfulness training, art studies, learning to speak French, movement & dance training, yoga training, Hawaiian massage, equine reiki, even a bush survival course.

Casey’s life mission is to guide others into a deeper, more truthful relationship with their heart. Using her lived experience and multiple learned skills, she works with individuals to help them find their ‘way home’, to their hearts.

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