Unity: The Meeting Place

Director Of Photography: Ryan Jasper Walsh

Producer/ Interviewer/ Editor: Re Lim

Fine Cut Editor: Ryan Jasper Walsh

Additional Camera: 

Lisandro Ambrosino, Ernesto Ambrosino,

Hanumani (Tracey Beckler) 


Unity Event Photographers:

William Solis ¬©Copyright owner of the photographs used on the homepage and contact pages of this website.

Lisandro Ambrosino, Ernesto Ambrosino, 

Hanumani (Tracey Beckler) 


Special Thanks: 2022 Unity The Meeting Place Cultural Gathering



Since ancient times, the Meeting Place is a place for people to come together, sit, dance, sing and share cultures. Most significantly, when different cultures carrying different songlines come together, they collide, meld, integrate and weave the collective songline. Through this, wisdom is shared and passed down, and dreaming and redreaming can happen in the sacred space. People are taught to live harmoniously with Country through sharing and singing together for eons. 

At a time when humanity and Mother Earth is disconnected from this deep connection, and people have not learnt to sing with each other and with Country in this way, we are called to come together again, to sit, reflect, learn from our elders, and heal our connection with Country, with Community, with ourselves and with the Cosmos. 

The 2022 Unity The Meeting Place cultural gathering was held at Camp Wollemi, on Darkinjung Country. It brought together elders from past, present and future from all parts of NSW and a collective healing and redreaming has taken place.

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